Qwayaciik7aqsa Webster

Indigenous/First Nation Association(s): 

?uklaasis Qwa-yaa-ciik-7aqsa, which means wolf woman. I am nuucaanul descendant of Hesquiaht First Nation & Maaqtusiis (Ahousaht) First Nations on the west coast of Vancouver Island. I come from a wealth of culture & artistic background as my late grandmother Jessie Webster was well known for her fine weaving of Maquinna hats and my late grandmother Mamie Lucas is known for her beadwork. My late grandfather Peter Webster was well known for his cultural teachings & language who was strong culturally as well as in nuucaanul language and received a degree in linquistics and he composed many songs & dances as he was a very talented cultural singer.

I was first introduced to weaving by my late grandmother Jessie years ago, but never kept up the weaving after she taught  me fine weaving.  I have recently learned to bead & making jewelery.  I am still new in learning weaving, however my inspiration is my late grandmother Jessie Webster.   I am learning from my parents with teachings of how to harvest cedar bark, stripping as well as learning from a family friend in Skokomish Tribe (Washington State) John Smith teach us weaving techniques for cedar hats.  I am learning continuously through various artist friends I wdnt to school with¸ who are willing to share tips and information when I enquire related to native art, painting¸ cedar weaving etc.

In my early years grade school to high school i did native art, but have not since I graduated.  I made items such as; paddles, trays, prints and plaques and my art teachers were amazing talented artists such as; Butch Dick, George Hunt Jr, the late Jim Gilbert, Don Yeomans & Victor Newman . I will post photos of the work I done in the near future.