Mitch Adams


Mitch Adams is a Haida / Tsimshian Carver, who was born 1961 in Prince Rupert and now lives in Terrace. Mitch’s father, Ivan Adams is from Haida Gwaii and his mother, Marge Adams is from Port Essington. Ivan Adams is a Haida Carver, engraver and musician, who started to teach Mitch how to engrave. Ivan continues to be an inspiration to Mitch.

Mitch was in Freda Diesing’s first carving class at the age of 8, but the carving bug never really took hold until 2005. Ivan started Mitch in engraving silver, gold and copper, making bracelets, rings, pendants and copper shields. He starting learning how to rough out and finish jewelry pieces for his father, then he moved on to working his own designs. Ivan had taught Mitch how to carve wood (paddles, frontlets and bowls) before his son started the Freda Diesing Fine Arts School with instructors Ken McNeil, Stan Bevan and Dempsey Bob.

Mitch comes from a long line of artists, engravers, carvers, weavers and musicians. He is presently working with wood (alder, cedar and yew), silver, gold, copper and pewter.

Mitch’s Design “Moon Cycle” (pictured to the right) was recently chosen for a book-marker for the Terrace 2010 literacy program.

Mitch and his wife, Diana have been selling their art work for the last ten years at art & craft shows throughout the Northwest of British Columbia.