Marnie Smith

Indigenous/First Nation Association(s): 
Cree and Metis

After completing her MA research on Indigenous Cultural Visuality, Marnie returned to the studio and office to continue educating others about not only her Cree/Metis culture but global Indigenous movements defending, advocating and reaffirming their cultural responsibilities and rights to others.

Her own cultural productions began early in life with dance, music and theatre eventually leading her to study Indigenous fine art production at the University of Victoria. Through these years of exploration she met her birth mother and sisters, produced a short film about the process and began intensive research on Indigenous cultural revitalization and heritage management.

Marnie has curated exhibitions in Victoria and Vancouver, sells her own artworks across Canada and the United States and has written curriculum and non-fiction for educational institutions across Canada. She is available to speak at conferences about her research with Indigenous cultural workers, artists and institutions on reconcilliation and revitalization.  

As a cultural production master and researcher Marnie strives to demonstrate that Indigenous culture is not just the tangible monuments in art galleries, museums and airports. It is and has always been alive and deeply embedded in relationships to place and history. 'Artists' an awkward term for Indigenous people, is used here to show that all relationships are a work of art, whether that is through the use of text, oration, beads or computer software all of which she employs to show others a different and Indigenous way of being in this world.




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