CJ Rice

Indigenous/First Nation Association(s): 
Snuneymuxw First Nations

CJ started out in arts and crafts working in watercolours, glass art, poetry, and community rebellion. In college, CJ started print making, but had to quit because of an allergy to the ink. During her 'mothering' years, CJ started theatre work; winning an award in props, doing stage management, script management, and dresser - all in one play! Upon starting university, CJ discovered radio. As a Digital Media student, CJ started looking at First Nation's music seriously and found much to be happy about. CJ's friends in music contributed to her videos (as seen on this page), and inspired her to continue in Film making. Scriptwriting was CJ's next adventure (continuing in the background because it will take awhile to complete the series). In her final year of university, CJ became a Director helping with the Western Edge production of "Copper Thunderbird" featuring Lorne Cardinal. Upon completing university, CJ's Radio show, "Shh, Rez Pirate Radio" was hosted on CHLY in Nanaimo and heard worldwide from 2012 to 2016.