Arbor Collective

Vision: Emerging and established Aboriginal, Inuit and Metis artists share an environment that supports the development and creation of new, bold and challenging work in all artistic discipliens including visual/writing/music/new media and performing arts.

Mandate: Arbor Collective supports the creation and dissemination of work from Aboriginal, Inuit and Metis artists from all indigenous Nations living in the Kamloops area, and working in all artistic disciplines. Arbor Collective supports work that confronts and challenges stereotypes, hidden histories, stolen voices, and to inspire and empower ourselves through creativity, by providing opportunities for our voices to be heard collectively, our art to be seen professionally, and our work to engage the community at large in creative dialogue.

Arbor Collective Mission: To support the creation of traditional and contemporary Aboriginal, Inuit and Metis art and artists by providing training, and exhibition opportunities with professional galleries and networking with other emerging and professional Aboriginal artists.

  • - Provide a sustainable structure to support emerging and local Aboriginal artists by providing studio space, audio-video production facilities, workshops, mentorship, opportunities to show work in the gallery and online, as well as networks of collaboration and sharing.

    - Support exhibitions and projects that are engaged, experimental, and collaborative; specifically exhibitions that transcend the boundaries of normative understandings of the gallery space to engage with the broader community, including satellite exhibitions, site-specific, performative and/or interactive (components of) exhibitions, presentations, film-screenings, talking-circles, etc.

    - The goal is to eventually operate as an artist-run centre, which depends upon its membership for its culture, management, operations, and vibrancy. We recognize our role as a dynamic collective body within the physical and social environments of the Urban Aboriginal Environment.

    - Recognizing that the state has an obligation to foster and support artistic culture, we are committed to supporting our people to live as artists by paying CAR/FAC,or other nationally recognized standard scale and wages.



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Open Year Round for workshops and exhibitions.