Soo Gee Ghet


The totem pole was raised on May 12, 1994 at the Cultural Centre.

Soo Gee Ghet was designed by Tsimshian  carver, Victor H. Reece as a carving project with The Richmond Carvers Society during Cultural Week 1993. It was completed under Victor's direction and has been donated to the Richmond Cultural Centre.

Centered around the theme of "sharing", Soo Gee Ghet is a story about a father passing his knowledge and experience onto his son. The story focuses on the role of adults as protectors and providers of direction to the next generation. In sharing his history and expertise with the Richmond Carvers Society during the carving of this totem pole, Victor has been instrumental in creating a physical manifestation of his cultural heritage. He hopes that the totem pole will serve to teach others about his culture and to heighten their understanding of each other.

Soo Gee Ghet will act as a tangible reminder of the importance of transferring ideas and information between people of different generations and cultures.

Soo Gee Ghet was carved from a red cedar log, eight feet long and thirty-six inches in diameter. The carving is of a man and a boy, Victor and his father, as indicated by their crests, the killer whale and a eagle feather carved in a contemporary approach to reference the non indigenous carvers.

Artwork Location: 
7700 Minoru Gate
Richmond , British Columbia
49° 9' 48.3372" N, 123° 8' 27.8952" W
British Columbia CA