Short Description: 
Thomas Cannell's sculpture Terra Nova Rural Park

Artist Statement: For thousands of years the Coast Salish, my ancestors have inhabited much of the Lower Mainland. We harvested from many different places so that we never exploited one area. We continue to tell stories of the past so that we can learn from our history and help future generations understand where our teachings come from. In the twentieth century, modern civilization lost its connection with nature; the good news is that slowly we are trying to make a real connection again based on respect and appreciation. My Musqueam ancestors had many traditional sites in Richmond where they went to harvest food, present day Terra Nova Rural Park is one of those areas. Coast Salish people have carved stone for thousands of years, using traditional hand tools. Modern tools however, make this task much less complicated. I chose to use this traditional medium to honor people of the past, present, and future. From early on, I have learned the teachings of Coast Salish art. I chose to create a raven design because to my people he is known to be a crafty bird. Raven is a shape changer; he can take many forms. He is also a hero; he is brave. The land that Terra Nova Park encompasses has also seen many transformations, especially in the last two hundred years. A 3200 lbs basalt bench, sandblasted with a Raven design on its polished surface.

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Artwork Location: 
49° 10' 24.7476" N, 123° 11' 51.5292" W