Nekú netsí kezhi

Short Description: 
Krystle Coughlin mural at City Centre Canada Line Station

Nekú netsí kezhi (our home and Native land) is a photomontage of images taken in the City of Vancouver, representing simplified northern First Nations formline design elements and beads. The image is an abstraction with interconnecting forms. The image is symbolic of the complications of reconciliation – the image does not create a complete form. The abstract nature is also meant to represent a celebration. Canada Day has always been a day to celebrate, as my mother was born on the centennial in Vancouver. “Nekú netsí kezhi” translates to “our home and native land” in Northern Tutchone language – this is the language of my maternal grandmother. This part of the Canadian anthem is important as it recognizes the duality of home and land ownership.

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Artwork Location: 
49° 16' 54.714" N, 123° 7' 8.6988" W