About the Map

Welcome to the First Peoples’ Arts Map. The land that has come to be known as British Columbia is home to 34 Aboriginal languages, all of which have corresponding unique cultures and artistic practices. This rich cultural environment is alive with countless Aboriginal artists and artistic groups who create work across disciplines – visual, music, dance, performance, story and new media. The First Peoples' Arts Map will increase the visibility of the participating artists, arts groups and organizations, and their work. It exists to give artists in all regions of the province a place to share their work, to learn about what others are doing, and to connect with a larger network of artists.

The First Peoples' Arts Map will contribute to the strength of Aboriginal arts by providing an interactive space for artists to connect with each other, opportunities, and the resources they require for their work. It exists to show the amazing work being created by Aboriginal artists, to inspire our communities and future generations of artists, as well as to educate anyone who is interested. The First Peoples' Arts Map provides an online environment for artists and groups to share information about upcoming events, including festivals, exhibitions, performances, cultural events. It exists so people can share what’s happening in their community.

The First Peoples' Arts Map will show public art and other related sites of interest that people can visit. This map is open to contributions from Aboriginal artists and arts professionals, as well as those who offer resources for those artists and organizations. This map is a living entity that will grow as people contribute to it by entering themselves, organizations, events, sites of interest, or resources that support our arts.

If you want to participate register here or login and put yourself and your work on the map.

Five icons represent categories for entries on the map:

 Person – Aboriginal or First Nations person who is working in the field of art

 Organization – Aboriginal or First Nations arts group or organization

 Event – Aboriginal or First Nations arts and culture events

 Resource – Entities that provide resources, services or other support to Aboriginal artists

Artwork icon Public Art – Publicly accessible artworks or cultural sites of cultural significance

When visitors search the site, they will be able to view the profiles in any of these categories, including information about the person, organization, event, public art or resource as well as related images, links to sound files and video, and contact details. As the FP Arts Map is enlivened with information, relationships and networks linking people, organizations, public artworks and events will be illustrated on profile pages. This is a living map. The content depends on participants. This environment will never be ‘finished’ as the arts, artists and groups continue to grow, shift and change. Enjoy the Map! Add your coleagues or self as a Person profile! Exploring the rich Aboriginal arts environment throughout the province.